Character Creator 4
Issue 9100
Model becomes inconsistent after exporting with morph
Problem: I'm trying to add morphs to my characters, but CC4 can't output consistent models. For example, after the base model, you export another version, with pregnant belly, and import both into Blender. You can zoom in and see in Xray mode that the top of head and arms don't match. I tried with both official and custom sliders, same thing happens.

There is a compounding factor that I couldn't understand too, since the effect is much worse on my character that I imported from CC3. Since it moves the body away from the eyes and mouth, it makes shapekey-making essentially impossible. This problem didn't happen in CC3.

Steps to reproduce problem:
1. Export base model.
2. Apply Pregnant slider (and possibly many other sliders) to max and export.
2. Import both versions into Blender and compare.

Expected result:
Unless it's a full body morph, the program should output consistent models with changes only in desired area.
OS: Windows 10
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Wow, it took you guys 3 months to reply. Yes, it's the sliders' problem, maybe because you guys changed the base neutral mesh, so the slider transforms calculate based on different initial points now, since I saw this problem in a few separate tests. Hope you can fix this issue soon.
Feedback Tracker Admin

Thanks for your feedback.
The problem is caused by the data of the morph slider itself, not by the export process.
If there is a deviation between the original source and target shape, then the created slider will inherit this deviation.
We will report the issue to our content team, sorry for your inconvenience.

Please feel free to contact us if any, regards.
Actually, upon further check, it's even worse. It doesn't match at all in Y axis for whole body:
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