iClone 7
Issue 3848
Marketplace Content Duality
Because Reallusion decided to make iClone (iC) and Chaarcter Creator (CC) different products with different file formats there is a lot of content being sold as either CC Cloth / CC Accessories or iC7 Clothing / iC7 Props which can easily be converted to the other format.

The issue is that in the Marketplace such content may be getting less buyers based on the fact that it is either native CC content (that can be converted to iC7 content) and customers are looking for iC7 content or the content is native iC7 content (that can be converted to CC content) and customers are looking for CC content.

For example, I created content that contains earrings and piercings. In the end, I ended up duplicating the contents. Providing the contents both as iC7 props and CC accessories, so that customers searching by the software or by either category would find my content.

Ideal Solution:

Unify the file format used between iC7 and CC. I understand that each program may have some properties which the other does not use but it should still be possible to design a single general file format suitable for both programs that would unify both programs to the same file format. In such a case there wouldn't be any iC7 vs CC content, all the content would become RL content. This would, in turn, eliminate the issue in the marketplace because there wouldn't be competing file formats.

Less Ideal Solution:

When content is published under one category, automatically generate a corresponding entry for the other category. The link would provide the same content description but would automatically convert the content to the alternate file format (when downloaded).

For example, a user uploads a ring set to the marketplace as a CC Accessory. The marketplace would automatically generate a second entry in the marketplace for the same ring set but as iC7 Prop. If the user clicks on the automatically generated second entry, the description of the content would be the same as for the CC Accessory but the download would be for the automatically converted iC7 Prop instead.

Note: I assume that if converting from one file format into another is just a matter of taking the content from one program to the other and then saving in that program (a fairly easy task to do manually), it should be possible to automate that process. However, the key would be that the user would not need to think about that (i.e. be looking for a prop but think about the fact that it could be in the marketplace as an accessory instead, and vice versa).
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Submitted byLord Ashes
Lord Ashes
Even the second solution would be great.
Miranda (RL)
This is Miranda from Reallusion. The second solution is what we are aim to implement when renovating the Marketplace.