iClone 7
Released in 7.2
Issue 3436
Make DOF not affected by Viewport size in Workspace
Right now resulting DOF in a rendered image is affected by the size of the viewport in the workspace of the application...
Can we make it that the Depth of Field blur is applied to the actual resolution of the full rendered image, and not just carried over from the blurred areas of the Viewport image in the workspace.

Here are images showing the DOF issue, all rendered images are @1080p, and all, except #1 had same DOF settings.
Yet I was able to get different effects by changing the size of the workspace Viewport:
(1) image without DOF (1080p)
(2) image where DOF was applied while viewport was at normal default workspace layout
(3) image where DOF was applied while viewport size was minimized
(4) image where DOF was applied while viewport size was maximized full-screen (Ctrl-7)

Thank you kind Sirs and Madams!
-Tony D.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted byTonyDPrime
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

This is a known issue of iClone, we have assigned to enhance this feature in a future functional enhancement patch.

My two-cents:

I see this as a bug (or deficiency).

The DOF should be controlled by the camera settings, period.  The screen resolution should not affect it.  I do not see that as a desirable feature.

The render output resolution should only affect the resolution of the output, not the effects of something like DOF, and the size of the preview viewport especially should have no impact on a rendered output.

This should work reliably, consistently, and predictably.

The Nvidia settings discussed in the forum were an interesting discovery.
See the "DSR" comments here:
Perhaps that could be leveraged to render faster, but even if there is an explanation as to why, the preview window size should not affect the quality of our rendered output.  I see that as very bad from an end-user perspective.
@Reallusion - 

Since posting, I am seeing a number of users reacting positively to the idea of having this flexibility to control DOF, as it can give the user results which they are seeking.
I myself have discovered a very efficient and effective mechanism with shifting viewport size to yield results I want, in both a predictable and repeatable fashion, at excellently fast render speeds!!!

As such, I would request that any change be discussed with the user base (ie in forums), as there are both concerns mixed with users achieving very good results in very fast render times.