Character Creator 4
Released in 4.12
Issue 9073
Lost file references after update to 4.12
the update to 4.12 has reset the reference location for all the skin gen tools to (C:\Users\public\Documents)
I use the Windows 10 function to assign the documents folder to a separate D drive Which uses (D:\Documents ) as it's reference

CC4 was able to find all files located on the (D;\Documents location until the update to 4.12. Now every time I apply anything from makeup or skingen, I get a failed to load error and a search box popup. This occurs not just the first time an element is applied but every time its applied. So the reassignment is not registered at all
(See the attached screen shot)
I have looked through the preferences and there is nothing there to set the correct reference location. It looks like the reference to (C:\Users\public\Documents) is hard coded

This isnt the first time an update has screwed up file references, it happened with the upgrade from CC3 to CC4 which got corrected

Using a separate drive as a documents location is a legitimate Windows function, and CC4 recognised it before the update to 4.12 so this is clearly a bug.
OS: Windows 10
Duplicate Issue:   CC 4.12 can't find skin textures
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Submitted byblindman
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Can someone explain how to get the Smart Content Manager back i  Character Creator after running the hotfix bat file?
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Hi efex

Please close program and goto the folder:
(program installation path)\Reallusion\Character Creator 4\Bin64\Plugin
To check if there's "CCContentManager2.dll" in this folder.
If not, please move the dll file which unzipped by the hotfix to the path.
Then you could launch CC to check if Smart Content Manager gack.
**Please check Menu > Window > Content Manager has been opened.

Thank you.
This hotfix bat file seemed to screwed up my layout. Somehow the I don't get the content window?
Hewa' s Art
Thanks, RL Team for your help. Everything going back to normal. All the Best
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Hi all

Apologies for inconvenience.

Please download the hotfix:

And follow the installation guide:
. Make sure you have installed the last official version of iClone or Character
. Make sure the program is closed
. Uncompress the hotfix files to local
. Run the hotfix .bat
   . For iClone: double click the "IC8ReplaceSG.bat"
   . For Character Creator: double click the "CC4ReplaceSG.bat"
. Done

If the problem persists, please contact us.

Thank you for your patience.
Hewa' s Art
Same problem
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