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Issue 6280
Lock Mesh Parts before Calculate Collision
Hey Reallusion Team,

i allready wrote a mail about this, but i got told to post it again on Feedback-Tracker. So i hope Feedback-Tracker and i get friends soon.

Anyway. Imagine you have cloth, that fits onto another Mesh. Like Pants above Shoes or the End of and T-Shirt.
It happens often enough to me, that calculation works mostly perfect, but also moves some parts, that should not be moved. So i ran into a
dilemma, cause collision does some good and some "bad" jobs.

A perfect solution would be, allowing to lock some Mesh parts in Face or Vertex Mode. So if you calculate collision next time, they are blocked and do not move. This Problem mostly happens , when your Cloth are closed. But our Team prefers closed cloth for gaming purposes.

I added some screenshots to visualize what i mean. Even if this mesh doesn't perfect at all, i think it shows what i mean.

This is with Standard Collision Tool.
LockCollisionMesh_01 = Before Collision for all Assets
LockCollisionMesh_02 = After Collision for all Assets

On Mesh Conform and Calcualte Collision.
LockMeshPart_01 = Before run Conform Collision on Mesh
LockMeshPart_02 = After run Conform Collision on Mesh

locking some parts of the mesh, would just be awesome. :)

greetz Phil
OS: Windows 10
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