iClone 7
Issue 8288
Licence seat error
I bought a plugin from the content store called "Music move"

The install proceedure requires the Music move folder contained in a zip to be added to the openplugin folder, then iclone to be started in admin this runs a script within the Music move folder to download and add additional files to the plugin folder.
Once this is done iclone generated an error while starting, stating that the number of licence seats had been exceeded.
I deleted the music move folder and files from the plugin folder and iclone started fine.

The reallusion content store is selling a third party product that has a below standard installation process, the instructions states "run the exe" there is no exe file within the zip. It also contain vague statements about operations and installs that "MIGHT" have to happen, the developer ought to know exactly what is required. Then the plugin generates an error preventing iclone from starting and making it report a false error message.

I'm submitting a bug report because theres no contact info for the vendor and Reallusion is responsible for ensuring the third party products function without error
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byblindman
your "Advice" on what i should do. Is exactly what i reported to you I did. I fail to see how repeating the same course of action is going to achieve any different result