iClone 7
Issue 8185
Large Projects crash Iclone on slow hard drives.
Hi Folks,

We have been experiencing a lot of problems with larger project models. So far we have identified 2 problem areas.

1. Any project we create with a large amount of prop assets and a fairly extensive frame setting, will cause Iclone to fail, immediately after it finishes loading. The process is very slow to begin with. Please tell us, what database server are you using for your application. Are you using Postgres? Although it is free, I have to say in my experience it is one of the worst systems for speed, in any application. Do you have any database options, that we can choose from, we understand that the choices may not be free.

2. Video memory, is there any way we can improve on this so we are not having to go to shared memory when ever the application goes over the installed video ram, or at least provide a warning that shared memory will be necessary to run the model that is being worked on. ?

I do understand you are trying to keep the cost down, and that is much appreciated. How about following Adobe's lead and provide all your services on a tiered monthly cost as an option.

You have so much to offer, and it gets frustrating when one is nickel and dimed constantly. Using SAAS, I have successfully run my small business that way for the last 15 years.

I have included an 8 minute video, that provides a look at some of things we are trying to achieve, along with a short narrative.
Thank you again for all that you guys do, it is really, truly amazing.


Chris (Incadude)
OS: Windows 10
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Hi Chris,

iClone 8 is currently working on improve performance, 
is there any possible that you share your large project (in private post) let us try to see if the performance has improved significantly?

Best regards,