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LOD materials are not imported automatically into Unreal, need to be manually created and assigned
I've encountered an issue with the process of importing a game-ready character from CC3 into Unreal Engine 4 - either I'm doing something wrong or it's a bug, but I suspect the latter.

I can export a character from CC3 with multiple LODs and import LOD0 into UE4, fine. However, trying to import subsequent LODs doesn't work as expected.

What I'm doing:

1. I export a character from CC3 with 3 LOD levels (so there's 4 lods in total, including 0)
2. I import LOD0 into Unreal - this works fine
3. As per the Unreal documentation for importing skeletal meshes, I open up the newly imported skeletal mesh in Unreal, and under Asset Details, then LOD Settings, and LOD Import, select "Import LOD Level 1" and choose the .FBX for LOD1

LOD1 appears covered in "tongue" material. For some reason the only material slot for LOD1 uses the first material from LOD0, which is tongue.

To get it working properly, I've found that I have to:
1. Open up the Skeletal mesh asset in Unreal
2. Create a new material slot
3. Manually import the new textures for each LOD
4. Manually create a new material using the LOD textures
5. Manually assign the new material to the newly created material slot for that particular LOD

Then it works.

However, I'd rather not have to go through this process each time I import a character. If not automated, I anticipate this will be a significant time sink.

Is there a way this can be automated?
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bymodernstoryteller
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Hi modernstoryteller,

Now, you can use our Auto Setup to assign all the material.
Here is the Auto Setup download page.