iClone 7
Issue 7171
It's past time for us to have a Rigging Toolset, don't you think?
Here's the thing that keeps me from adopting iClone as my go-to application for animation. You can't RIG. You can do some minor rigging tasks if you use the physics toolbox and you can rig clothing in CC3, but if you're wanting to rig for animation, you're out of luck. You basically have this company store mentality where you want everyone to use Character creator three, but what if I want to rig a horse? Or a dog? Or a Dragon Winged Serpent? You're out of luck. If you want to call it an extension to Character Creator 3 that's fine, but EVERY other animation software has some kind of built in rigging toolset that isn't dependent on what one or two people think you should rig with it. We need spline IK, Squash and Stretch controls, Bendy Bones and controllers that you can use in the Viewport. It doesn't make sense to cut your users off from common tools that they should already have. Right now if I wanted to animate a snake or a whip, I'm stuck having to manipulate each bone individually, but we all know that the way to approach that kind of rigging is an IK Spline rig --but we don't have that. We want to stay in one application as much as possible, but it's impossible to do that when you can't rig your models. Specifically, we need:

Wing Rig
Quadruped Rig
Snake/Spline rig
Mechanical Rigging toolset
Controllers and Constraints

I could list combinations all day but it all boils down to this --we want rigging tools!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bywill2power71