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Issue 9050
Iray not updating distance seen in viewport when scrolling/zooming in
I've tried manual update, auto update, close and open viewport, setting to "view all"(works for the default view) tried setting to spherical lens, removed from preview selected list, changed render output size.

Every resolution and camera type change I've tried, I'd Zoom in but the Iray preview window does not update to reflect the change of distance or resolution shown in the viewport.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Hi Tina,  it seems this maybe my fault, the camera was set to orthographic and just forgotten about from earlier sculpting with reference image.
Maybe in the future if someone tries to rotate the camera it switches to the camera on modify tab and shows it switching to perspective. This might be good feature to have if this issue happens often.

The angle doesn't seem to update/work properly in ortho mode, maybe it isn't compatible?  Angle sometimes works but Zooming does not in ortho unless I've saved and restarted the project.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Ascensi

Sorry for your inconvenience.

To clarify issue, please help us to check some condition:
- Does this issue only happen to a specific project or all project/ scene?
- What about panning and orbiting cameras? Will these actions trigger Iray update?

If the problem only happens on specific project, could you provide the project to us?
You can upload it to the cloud drive like google, dropbox etc.
And post the download link in your next comment, you can set it as private comment if you want.

If the problem happens on all of the scenes, please record the operation as the video and provide the link to us.

Thanks for your patience.