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Iray does not work with Quadro P4000 video card
I bought the Iray plugin for the iClone and Character Creator 3 programs. I am having problems using it with my Quadro P4000 video card.
Iray in both programs does not work properly and either outputs an error log ( I attach a file with the error log), or the programs crash as soon as you try to render an image or video file, select the preview region during the preview render, or use Iray materials from a special library of materials. I tried all the instructions for starting Iray, but none of them helped.
I open any project with an animation of my 3D character or a newly created 3D character, click the" Iray preview selected "and" Iray preview auto update " buttons, then the rendering preview starts, but nothing is displayed on the screen, and the error log shows messages about problems with the video card (there is no CUDA-enabled GPU for the iray photoreal renderer.)
and no found a render target. In other cases, when other modes are pressed (for example, interactive), both programs crash.
I come to the conclusion that the Iray does not work with the Quadro 4000 video card
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bysvyatoslav.varnashoff
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi svyatoslav.varnashoff,

Thanks for your feedback.
In order to identify the issue, please follow the following steps to see if we can get further clue.

1. Please upgrade your NVIDIA driver to latest version.

2. Inside hardware settings, deselect GPU and only use CPU to render and see if Iray can get the render target.

3. Turn off the firewall and Antivirus software before launch Character Creator & iClone.

4. Export Mi profile from Character Creator or iClone, import it to Iray Standalone Renderer to see if it works.

5. If all these steps didn't work, please send us your system info to us, here is the link about how to get your system info.
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