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Issue 8104
Iray Standalone Resume from last frame -essential
Iray Standalone will ask if you want to resume if the program had closed previously unexpected, which is great but it never resumes from the last completed frame.

I think along with each frame created you create an auto save feature that is basically interconnected to the pause option. When the computer's power off is pressed and it is set to hibernate, Iray does resume but this should be built in with the resume to have it saved/frozen.

I believe more wide spread use of Iray will come soon considering I found a couple methods to speed up exporting of scene files by 5-6 times and faster CPU render potential along with GPU -so please don't drop support. I've already shared one method on the feedback tracker but now I'm seeking private dialogue with higher company decision makers because it costs me personal time/money to discover & document break throughs.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Hi Molly, maybe there is something interfering with it then? I use displacement pretty heavily and sometimes smooth mesh is used but since smooth mesh by subdivision is not compatible with Iray, this time I used smooth mesh by tessellation. I also had an issue with about 40 dropped frames out of 1800 when exporting depth, I had to go back into iClone and create them manually.  

Maybe this issue and dropped render frame issues can simply be solved with a file integrity checker just like zip files -checksum, it would be good if the standalone could check for missed frames from the files already rendered files. If I'm able to export an iray project file with a success but dropped frames are created, the standalone should try to redo those missed frames.
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Hi Ascensiļ¼Œ

It works for me.For example,when Iray rendered 17 pictures,Iray was closed previously unexpected.When I reopen Iray,Iray render picrure from 17mi.

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