Character Creator 3
Issue 7951
InstaLOD repeatable texture/material combination process
We are using CC3 for our online virtual world and really loving these avatars! Like our previous product (Red Light Center) we want to be able to mix and match clothing materials and skin* as well as allow some level of in game avatar customization for things like tattoos and makeup for our users. We are using the HDRP renderer and for our game the highest quality possible for avatars is a primary development goal.

CC3 bakes/combines all of the textures/UV for each LOD# it creates with InstaLOD on export and even when it is the exact same file/avatar setup the texture/material combining and UV/poly re-topology is different each time you export the avatar LODs.

Feature Request

If there was some way to save/reuse a particular texture/UV recombination setup for each LOD created we could do things like pre-compute and export tattoo and makeup layers separately to be combined in game and use only a single avatar export for all the different skins. This would remove the only disadvantage of your current bake everything system for in game avatar customization and would be more memory efficient as well.

*With the current InstaLOD implementation I am using the hide polygon and delete hidden polygons on export features to create separate skin and clothing layers so user's can mix and match outfits. This requires some hand fixing of the humanoid rig and you have to include a single skin polygon unhidden for the InstaLOD to not crash on export, then manually delete the unwanted skin textures after importing into Unity.
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