Character Creator 3
Released in 3.4
Issue 7466
Insta LOD gives failed messages for Export and Poly Reduction
When trying to reduce Poly or Export it starts the process then states that the process failed. No additional data is provided on screen. I cant seem to find any application log errors on the issue either. I have also went back to remake the clothing again incase there is a mesh issue and the same error happens. I cant seem to get anything related to the Insta LOD to actually process my character for reduction or export for engine.

I have provide the project file if needed.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bykmitchell.12catblackstudios
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thank you!
Is the video missing?
Melvin (RL)
Sorry, I attach again.
Melvin (RL)
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I am using PNGs but these normals specifically are exported from Substance Designer VS Substance Painter. Is there something in the formatting that your application does not like? I've tried DirectX and Open GL on the height to normal node and both still causes the issue. Ive tried reducing the map from 1024 to 512 and changing the file format from raw to linier and SRGB both create a normal that crashes. Is there something about the format of creating the normal node that could cause this oddity?
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Hi kmitchell,

Thanks for your feedback.
We found out the hair bump texture of your model is used in the format we didn't support, so it will fail the LOD.
You can try to covert that bump texture format to .png or .jpg , then go to LOD again.
It should be working normally.

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