iClone 7
Issue 3422
Imported DAZ Characters are not sent to iClone in A T-Pose.
I have done this a couple of times to make sure that I'm not getting this wrong, but I import the characters into iClone 3DXchange and they com in a t-Pose, but when I send them to iClone, they come into the scene not in a t-pose. There is no setting that I see in iClone or 3DXchange to turn off this behavior. I can't apply morphs in morph creator if it's not in a t-pose without distorting the figure and I do not like the idea that iClone is adding poses to my figures without telling me nor giving me the option to decline or turn off the behavior. I don't want iClone posing my imported figures without my input.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bywill2power71
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Thank you for your feedback.

Daz Genesis is non-standard character. iClone will auto-apply the persona for NSD characters. ( to generate the initial pose - not t-pose). If you do not need the default pose, please delete the motion clip (named as Default) from Timeline / Motion Track.

Yes this is creating trouble in characters when trying to add Morphs. Even if you export the T-pose animation from original product and apply it to both products (Iclone and Exchange) there is still slippage on body parts as if they are in slightly different world space positions, which still gets interpreted as a change in the Morph editor.