Character Creator 3
Issue 7313
Import and export morphs (Not just clothing and hair)
Steps to reproduce: Export a daz g8 figure and hair, customize morph export rules to export hair with morphs, and also customize to export some figure facial expression morph dials, such as a custom expression set made for the figure being exported.

Import to cc3+ via transformer, the figure expression morphs end up attached to the hair instead of the figure. No error message is presented. Export to unity the expected morphs are not on the figure but they're on the hair.

Daz g8 fbx export and import direct to unity, the morphs arrive on figure and work great as blendshapes that can be driven by code. Daz Bridge is coming for Unity soon, is that the only solution? I hope it is not.

So we are only able to have on our game characters the handful of facial expression blendshapes which cc3+ exports by default? Which are the same for every cc3 produced character and are very mild generic expressions. And it prevents having AAA at runtime character shape changing, morph animating, and custom expressions, or player personalization.

Please update CC3 to allow import and export of figure morphs. Please include an export UI step which allows for selecting which morphs to export to FBX. For optimizing one should be able to select explicitly what morphs should export to reduce waste, or added for functional use at runtime. Add a UI for CC3 import step so transformer can confirm the morphs it finds in the DAZ FBX that we want to bring on to cc3+ when it prompts for how to handle the hair/cloth/etc. And to be really amazing, later let us choose to save the imported converted morphs in CC3, in the same way one could save an imported cloth, hair or figure.
OS: Windows 10
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Hi garrettg11,

Thanks for your feedback!
Could you provide one of your Daz FBX to us?
You can upload it to cloud drive such as Google Drive, and attach the download link in your next comment.
Thanks for your help!