Character Creator 3
Issue 7370
Import acc scaling and position issues.

The issue was similar as the feedback linked below.

What i faced was similar. I had exported a char(obj) to be accessorized in 3d coat. However, the scaling and positioning were off for the clothing and other accessories.

For position issue, I have no solution. It is either the pivot was shifted during the export from cc3 or during import in cc3. Please see the image.

The cube pivot was set to be 0,0,0 at the edge of the box. Without any movement, rotation or scaling of the character in 3d coat, the cube was boolean-ed from the character mesh. However, when the cube was imported as accessories, the pivot location was offset.

Scaling issues occurred when i tried to rotate the accessories to fit the character. Generally, it should be a 1to1 fit, but accessories had to be rotated due to the axis differences between programs. Scaling issues were due to attachment to bone (CC_Base_Hip - inherit move, rotate, scale). I have managed to solve it by unchecking scale ONLY. Having move, rotate and scale unchecked will produce different scaling results. I used 2m cube from 3d coat and blender for tests and found the issue to be so. Just imagine the cube being imported as 6.6 feet tall rotated to 6.52 feet tall( when move, rotate and scale were unchecked).

Please solve the issues as it is pretty unproductive trying to scale and position when it should be a 1to1 fit.

- export char as obj in current pose

Modeling program
- import char , rotate to correct position in z-up
- make accessories(obj) to fit 1to1 for the char
- export as obj(accessories)

- import to cc3 as accessories.
- rotate to fit the char... scaling and position are both wrong.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byProcrastinator
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Procrastinator,

Thanks for your feedback!
You can export the file as bind pose via OBJ export, to see if the position issue won't exist.
And the scale issue, please attach the Acc to Root bone, so that you can avoid the offset by attached bone RTS.
Also, please provide your OBJ export from 3DCoat.
You can upload to cloud service such as Google Drive, and attach the download link in your next comment.
You can also set the comment as private.
Thanks for your help!