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Issue 8322
If the viewport is resized some sculpt tools are lost
Hi this little bug goes like this.

1. you are in headshot and have a head in the viewport of your char
3. you activate the sculpt morph tool and use the full head with more control points you see it on the char all points lite up when selected
2. you resize the viewport making it larger by constraining the modify form box as far right as possible
in this position the sculpt tools control points on the lower portion of head are defined but cannot be selected and controlled,

see attached image. as to the state
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byhobbyuser3d
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thats fine soya ..i just didnt understand the initial response..said was a video attached i didnt see anything and talking
about render size i guess that will indicate screen resolution but that was more confusing than ask screen res i should have included in my intial report...anyways no big deal. I will
try and locate the exact project file and see if it still manifest..thanks
calvin i did some more testing so far i cannot trying to find the exact project file and see if it shows up anyways if it comes up again i will make a video.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi hobbyuser3d,

Thank you very much for the keyword "3840x2160".
We will test a 4K monitor to see if the aspect ratio affects UI operation. We will let you know when we can reproduce this issue
However, we are very sorry. We are now celebrating Chinese New Year. We will start work on Monday, February 7th. So it will be a bit slow to reply to you. 

set your monitor resolution to 3840x2160 as mine follow my listed steps..i have no time to make you videos.. this is a gui issue nothing to do with render
hello Calvin this has nothing to do with rendering anything or the render image read the issue
i wont waste my time if you cant even understand the bug report. If you are talking about render anything shows you
do not know what im talking about. I suggest you re-read the bug report carefully. And return with a new question.
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