iClone 7
Released in 7.82
Issue 7248
Iclone now crashes when opening up files, due to a particular IAVATAR asset.
Recently updated from 7.8 to 7.81- before hand everything worked fine.
Using an .iavatar asset exported from the latest character creator 3. Nothing unusual.
The scenes worked fine.

Updated iclone 7.81 and now any scenes using this .iavatar (that have had them saved to the file!!) now crash on load and are unusable. Have lost an incredible amount of work.

Repro steps are to simply open up a file that was saved in 7.8 that used this particular .iavatar, in 7.81. The file will simply crash.

In the mean time I would like to know how to roll back to 7.8 as it's not acceptable to have this happen, especially as the avatar came from another reallusion product without any unusual steps

As a side note, as a developer I'm really quite suprised that avatars save directly in to the .iproject rather than save as links to hard drive assets; not only would this have meant this situation was nearly impossible to happen at all, but it would keep file sizes down much more. The reason we ended up using this avatar was because file sizes were in the hundreds of MB just because assets were saving to the project! A much friendlier option would be to have asset refs and an option to bake in to the .iproject, rather than having that as the default behaviour.

This has also been reproduced by another user on a seperate machine.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byalex_688011
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I feel like an option to save as ref vs baked in is the best of both worlds, coming from the games side.
I would imagine a fallback to the default iclone avatar/robot guy if there's a load error would be the best safety net too.
At the least, I wouldn't have thought it'd save two seperate sets of the same textures as it does now - all the animation files are using two of the same avatars, so I would expect at least just one to be serialized & the other being an instance, rather than a unique set of data. Will take a look at not embedding textures, but I feel like A) that's relatively hidden as I have yet to see that option and B) doesn't resolve this particular issue where I can no longer open files.
Just my pov.
As a long-time iClone user, who has struggled with Poser and DAZ projects that do things by reference and became unusable because assets could not be found, I do prefer the iClone approach. 

Some optimization can already be achieved with textures, which you can select not to embed in the project file as well as share among assets. With textures being as large as they are now that would save you memory.
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