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Issue 6673
Iclone + curve editor to CC3 then unreal engine: Root motion rotation track is written in another bone's animation track
Hello, I would like to raise something I think is unusual.

It comes from the following pipeline : Iclone with the curve editor → Character creator pipeline extension → Unreal Engine 4.23.
Observation: rotation from root motion are missing in unreal engine root bone animation tracks.

Here are the steps to reproduce the issue:
- In Character Creator 3, send a character to IClone
- In IClone, using the curve editor, animate the MotionRoot\Position X track then MotionRoot\Rotation Z track so that translation and rotation are easily recognizable
- Export the clip as a MotionPlus file
- Back in Character Creator 3, export motion and mesh using the newly created MotionPlus file then choose the Unreal Engine preset for export
- In unreal engine, import the fbx file and "import all", open the animation asset
- In the Skeleton Tree tab, click on the root bone and in the details tab to the right, see that the location changes but not rotation. It seems that root motion rotation is written in the pelvis animation track.

Consequence: enabling root motion for the animation asset will only take the root bone's location into account.

For smooth animation during gameplay, root motion transform should only be written in root bone tracks so that the player's capsule translation and rotation are only driven via the animation's root track and not by the pelvis. Without that, the character will see its rotation jumping once the animation is finished.

I hope I missed something in the workflow :)

Despite the issue, I would like to thank all the team for their great effort in making the character animation workflow accessible. Very impressed.

OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byzdB
I have the same problem ... did you manage to solve it and transfer the pelvic rotation to the root animation of the root?
I'm glad to hear that thank you!
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi boubrit.azad,

I've got your file, and confirmed this issue have some enhancement that we can work on it.
Thanks for your help!

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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi boubrit.azad,

Thanks for your feedback!
In order to identify the issue properly, could you send one of your test motion to us?
You can upload it to cloud service such as Google Drive, and attached the download in your next comment.
Also you can set comment as private if you want.
Thanks for your help!