iClone 7
Issue 8176
Iclone Crashes and Path function bugs.
I am finding bugs that are somewhat problematic.
1. If your project model is too big, Iclone becomes unstable and gives you no warnings that you are exceeding its capabilities, relative to your hardware.
2. It just drops the application, and if you have been saving it as I have on a constant basis. When one tries to reload the properly saved application, Iclone fails again repeatedly.
3. If after your attempt at reloading has failed, then next time you restart Iclone, it will offer you a recovery option. For some reason I do not understand, this always allows your project to reload, where as the properly save version fails.
4. The use of a path and its failures. When creating a path to track a camera around a virtual set or stage, I have found that the path editing function has a 50 / 50 chance of working before it fails. When one evokes the path edit function and you want to change the position of a control point after this your transform option looses it its local ability and there by making any alterations of the path or anything else fail. This has been very frustrating. Do you or anyone else have similar problems and if so how do you deal with them.
Chris (Incadude)
OS: Windows 10
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