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Iclone 8 Features
Dear reallusion,
Thanks for your hardworking on how you are making it simple for Animators around the world and hope everyone is great there.

As I normally text and here I am again for another cool specs we (the animators) would like to see in iclone 8 before it will be rolling out.

Without wasting time, here are my suggestion:
a) PROP BEHAVIOR: it would be good if you can help us embedded command prompt whenever we select certain prop in the scene, right click on it and then options will pop up asking us which kind of behavior this prop should have.
e.g Bouncing, throw, drop and so on.
I know all this can be done with the help of physics but it would be great if you can bring something more easier than before.

b) CHARACTER CLOTH BEHAVIOR: We would like to also help us embedded command prompt to every cloth (including, reallusion made, custom made cloth, exporting cloth from other engine) so that whenever we select on the cloth and Right Click as well, we would see something like <Cloth off> from character body and let it be simulated so that the cloth behavior will become more realistic not like stiffness.

c) PHYSICS: Another smart idea is to embedded Command Prompt on certain object in the scene (either prop, clothes, hair, accessories and so on), so that whenever we right click on them as well, we would be ask which kind of physics behavior it should be.

Example: let's assume my character wore long dress cloth, then we would have chance to select which part of the cloth (vertices or faces) should have physics.

Note: I knew that Iclone traditional physics can do it with the help of Weight map but my suggestion would be great and smart with simple idea.

d) DESTRUCTION: one of the greatest features I would like to see is destroying of every targeted model in the scene not just only the model that already have destruction motion embedded. Help us add destruction into iclone so that whenever we right click, we would be ask that how many pieces the destruction should be.

Iclone is still not stand enough if destruction is not included.

And the destruction can be as follows: Bullet hitting the wall or car, Vehicle destroyed when got into accident, and so on.

e) LIQUID SIMULATION: one of the smart things iclone cannot do is liquid simulation (like water, blood and so on).

And we would like the water to be poured from one bottle to another, if character step into water, we would like the water to react whenever character step on it (not just water that will stand like thirsty tree. And we don't want only one water, what I'm requesting for is just LIQUID SIMULATION COMMAND PROMPT.

Now, I'll stop for now... I still have more cool features that I would like to see in iclone before launch. But I'll send this for now so that whenever you look into this, and think is a good idea, then I'll definitely send more features.

I know you guys are more than this and you can definitely give us something more valuable than this. I love reallusion products and is my best tools so far. May Almighty God continue to bless your hand work... Amen


Your's faithfully,
OS: Windows 10
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