Character Creator 3
Issue 8313
How will Character Creator 4's NPR/Toon Shaders differ from the other options that are out there?
According to my research on the subject matter, right now Blender is closing in on this particular niche of the rendering industry with their grease pencil tool and free plugins like BEER, which you can learn more about if you follow this link to the plugin's official website: .

Artists like @rukikuri and @dedouze_ have been using these tools to great effect to quickly amass large social media followings lately.

In addition, the company behind the popular VTuber rigging software Live2D Cubism released their experimental NPR rigging/rendering program called Euclid back in 2015. What made Euclid unique is that it gave artists the means to literally translate their 2D content into 3D space without losing any of the visual aesthetics that has made 2D animation an appealing and popular creative medium.

I'm all for making toon shaders and NPR more accessible to artists, especially for those who are new to working with this rendering niche and style, but at the same time, I would be quite interested to hear what the development team's thoughts are about how Reallusion's tools can possibly support and enhance the production pipeline for the artists who have lots of prior experience with NPR rendering and toon shaders.

In your opinion, do you think CC 4's NPR/Toon Shaders be comparable to what's already available on the market? & what do you think is going to make the new NPR/Toon Shader tools stand out from the crowd?
OS: Windows 10