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Having a Brad HAIR Day
For pro VFX and film users, iClone 7 and CC3 has come quite far over a two year period, well done to the dev team, Digital Humans is one of the most difficult challenges in the 3D world.
The software gets so much better with each release and update, apart from one thing. The HAIR. After testing out Headshot I am left with the same feeling as when first starting with iClone 7 and CC3. Let down by the unrealistic hair available in each standard release.

Requests: Please add as part of each software base, matching realism for Digital Humans in terms of HAIR in CC3, Headshot and iClone to be able to compete out of the box, with the Pro VFX pipelines on the market.

I'm sure there are others but the closest thing I have come across so far for customisable hair morphs is for Daz3d:
and there is also SWAM hair for CC3, at an extra cost!

It really shouldn't be an issue of paying for yet another bundle or accessory just to achieve realistic hair in iClone 7 or CC3 or Headshot if the standard hair looks so bad on the Digital Humans base characters. The quality of both head/skin and hair should be equally matched.

Headshot: More realistic high poly hair in Pro mode maybe in a future update. (Similar to how hair in the Auto Mode feature works).
More detailed Sculpting for folds in skin for older faces or extreme characters (without going to ZBrush)
Add a More DH Lights BUTTON (right mouse click to add) for users without a mouse would be handy.
Users with a tablet have no left or right click.
Add an extra Eye Light button, fully controllable and good for low light and extreme close-up shots.
Adjustable hairline for the scalp in Skin Settings
After the 3.21 update there's also a 1 frame blue screen flash after clicking on Apply/Update Skin Morphs. The flash occurs after 2 or 3 seconds of clicking on the button.

Depending on the angle, the Back Light can introduce spill light inside the eyelids if the eyeballs are not correct. Easier to adjust the light for stills but more difficult for animation or body movement.
Eyelashes are very difficult to fix or shorten when matched to the eye shape.

One more thing. Please add a free, simplified face tracker/controller as standard for iClone 7, to control the basic face/head movement via a Webcam. If users want a more detailed, extra features version they can upgrade the Faceware & Motion Live and use the depth camera iPhone feature.

This was a major disappointment after purchasing the software. It actually made me stop using iClone and CC3 for quite some time. OK, two more things....The Transformer button should also work as standard without having to upgrade to the pipeline edition. Having to go back and forth between 3 or 4 different 3d programs just to finish a character to a high standard actually has a negative user impact on your software, instead of being a one stop solution and market leader, which iClone and CC3/headshot has the potential of becoming.

The add-ons and extras required for pipeline and Motion Live and pro features can be a bit misleading for new users, especially when your demos are incredible realistic humans, talking and using all the available plugins and features. To be honest, when I bought the iClone 7, CC3 and 3DXchange package I was expecting most of the features above as standard or at least in simplified forms. Instead, I faced with expensive upgrade choices.

Thank you, much appreciated. Look forward to working more in iClone and CC3 as things progress.

read more and see Brad and his reference test images here
OS: Mac OS 10.15
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Submitted byEuropafilms
Brad is blown away with the Smart Hair release. Now Brad is always having a Good Hair Day. Such a key milestone and much appreciation goes out to the dev team for that. 

One more thing that could make Smart Hair even better. I was thinking of a small addition to the next release. Baby hair. Not hair for babies necessarily but the small baby hair that grows on the face, ears and nose.

The best example is around the nose, ear and edge of the beard on this Logan character from Kubisi Art. also note the wild hairs on the main hair that show with backlighting.

Also in this example, for realism the hair strands are thinner than what is currently possible with the Smart Hair plugin. The thicker hair & beard options are great for toon characters and can be modified slightly for realism, but a thinner or thinning hair option could make a difference.  

Another great character artist reference is Hossein Diba 

One last detail to consider, everyone in the 3D Digital Human world has missed is the wet look of the inside of the lips and especially the teeth. There is always a layer of moisture on the teeth. When you go in for close-ups most characters look like they have dry mouth, which is an instant giveaway that the character is made in 3D. Perhaps there is a way to add roughness values to the teeth as a quick fix. A more long term advancement would be a mucus membrane over the teeth, tongue and inner & side of the lips. 

You have added the tongue in the new release. Have you thought about the movement of the tongue that is connected to the basic speech pattern of sounds and word formation. Could be a detail for the future. 

Glad I invested in CC3 & iClone as the new advancements added are pro features and making such a difference. If you look at the first release of iClone 5 to now..... Wow, just incredible. 

Perhaps this is a part of your Roadmap already. The task now would be able to do everything in CC3 & iClone without strong reliance on outside software for final modifications and vfx compositing.  I do understand why users have to do that.  

Have you guys considered adding a Camera Tracking feature for video footage similar to the one available for tracking video to a Null or 3D Object in After Effects.  Perhaps it would be a future feature that would have people spending more time in iClone. Video clips imported into iClone as an image plane tracked to the character would be a faster render.

The addition of motion blur will be a welcomed. 

I was blown away by the workflow of Martin Klekner and also inspired by the trailer for LOL - Awaken 

Imagine if all that was created in CC3 & final shots composited without leaving iClone.  You are then closer to Reallusion being the market leader for character creation and animation on a par with Unreal Engine realtime rendering.