Character Creator 3
Released in 3.1
Issue 6085
Goz issues between CC3 and Zbrush
hi there,

I'm having issues re-importing my meshes back from Zbrush to CC3 (via GoZ). At first I thought it was due to my sculpting changes in Zbrush but it seems it applies to quick base model tests as well. (see attached video)

When I export to Zbrush and then, even without doing any big changes, export back to CC3 via GoZ (all) - I get a duplicate mesh setup and all CC3 original naming convention is gone. Also when (for instance) opening the mouth - there's mesh deformations occuring.

I've read about similar issues and the need to export back via GoZ/ALL - but in this case that is not the problem...

Can you help me out? thanks a lot!
OS: Windows 7
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hi Calvin,

thx for your feedback! I solved the issue myself, however it has nothing to do with clearing the cache. The issue occurs when the original point/vertex count changes from Zbrush to Character Creator. Appearently due to some actions in Zbrush this can occur - maybe when not switching 'SuV' (smooth uv's) when dividing the mesh up ....

You might want to communicate this to others with the same issue, I saw some similar questions in other feedback blogs...

thx! Aron
Feedback Tracker Admin

Did you solved this issue after clear the GoZ cache files?
If not, feel free to let us know!
Thanks for your patience and help!

Feedback Tracker Admin

Thanks for your feedback!
Have you clean the ZBrush's cache before?
If not, you can try to go to ZBrush / Preferences / GoZ / Clear cache files.
And then try again the GoZ workflow to see if the issue still exist.
If the problem still exist, please capture a screen video to reproduce issue, and send it to us.
You can upload to Cloud Service such as Google Drive, OneDrive...etc, and attach the download link in your next comment.
( You can set as private comment if you want to keep it private. )
Thanks for your help!