Character Creator 3
Issue 8293
GoZ Plugin Breaks the link
Hello, this is my proccess:

- I have a basic Character Creator model in Character Creator
- I press goZ button

- It opens in Zbrush fine
- I import a model i have sculpted as another subtool in Zbrush
- I project the details from that model to the basic Character Creator model
- I delete my custom sculpted model from the subtools so there is only the original objects/subtools and all names are unchanged.
- I press GoZ in zbrush

- It sends the model back, but i cant relink/update the model. It will only import it as a new model.

I have also tried to:
- use GoZ from Character Creator with the basic model
- duplicate the body
- then delete the duplicated model again (so im back to what i had)
- then use GoZ to go back to Character Creator, and the link is broken.

How can i do this without breaking the link? It seems to me that this is some user limits in place by reallusion to prevent doing what i need. What i need is this:

GoZ from CC to zbrush, import another subtool to zbrush, project the details from that subtool to the CC body, then import that CC body back to CC (Character creator).

How can i do this? Thank you!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted bytobias.eek
This has been solved:

''Open Zbrush first and go to Preferences > GoZ and click Clear Cache Files.

The next time you GoZ from CC3 the subtools will not have (1), (2), etc after the names.

Clicking GoZ All will now map the correct meshes back in CC3. without renaming them.

So always clear the cache before starting a new project.''