Character Creator 4
Issue 8879
Further reduced bone set options for game exporting.

I would like to suggest the ability to define export sets for the bones.

For instance, when exporting it would be great to have a check box to turn off bones I don't want (Maybe I want fingers, facial bones, chest bones, maybe I dont). My current desired character set does not need any roll bones, chest or facial bones for that matter, and when I export using your game character settings I am seeing 76 bones for the game set. My current ideal bone set would be around 50 bones for characters, and even less if they don't need anything more than claw hands (or no finger bones at all, even less). I am currently cleaning up a pile of characters I exported to do this very thing. Mixamo/AdobeFuse and Autodesk character creator I believe did this sort of thing, having levels of bone exporting which worked good for me in the past.

Great product btw!
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byfoy