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Feature Requests: Curve Editor: Organization, and Zoom - Workflow optimization
Hello all,

I recently purchased iclone 7, 3DXchange Pipeline, and the curve editor. I spent the day using it significantly and learning the ins and outs of the software, and loving it. I come from the world of audio software, like Pro Tools, and Ableton Live, and there are a few features that I felt lacking for ease of use in the curve editor in the context of editing 3d animations.

1) "Track Management". So in Audio Software (DAW - Digital Audio Workstation), it's quite common to have 100 tracks, and organization is a crucial aspect to it. In Pro Tools for example, you can "hide" tracks, so that if you only want to focus on 10 of the tracks, the rest don't get in your way. For example, in the curve editor, if I don't want to bother with the fingers, it would be great if I didn't have to scroll through 50 finger curve editor "tracks" in order to get to the tracks that I do want to edit. I wish I could "hide" those tracks, or group them and minimize them in some way to simplify operation.

2) Track zooming. The animation "tracks" are found on a 2 dimensional X/Y grid for every track containing keyframe information. I frequently found myself zooming in and out with the scroll wheel to go back and forth between getting more detail, and seeing the big picture. The problem is that I have to zoom out in both dimensions. I wish I could choose between zooming in on the X axis while leaving the Y axis zoomed out, and vice versa, zooming in on the Y axis, while leaving the X axis zoomed out. This way I could increase the detail that I see going up and down, while retaining the visibility down the animation road of keyframes farther down the timeline.

Excellent software!!
OS: Windows 10
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