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Issue 8292
Failed to export FBX
FBX export to any tool target including Blender, Maya ect, fails to export certain long hair styles. Some shorter ones seem to be fine but not all.
Steps to reproduce are
1. start CC3, with embedded female avatar
2. Add long hairstyle such as "Chic bun medium"
3. Export FBX to any toolset and it fails for me.
I have activated all of my purchased assets, activated my entire library, uninstalled and re-installed content, cleared out my temp folders and still no success.
If it was a license problem then surely none of the embedded hair styles would export?
I am running CC3 pipeline extension. FBX export works fine for most things apart from these hairstyles and other styles I have purchased from the content store with an export license.
Please can you advise.
Many thanks
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byCGEN media
CGEN media
Hi Calvin.
Yes standard installation to C: drive, exporting to desktop, spare SSD, network it all ends the same way. Very odd. I've tried installs on 3 different windows 10 machines, with different hardware configuration. I have since discovered that when i remove any weight map on the hair asset (if it has one), then it exports as FBX with no problem.
I do have a workaround by baking any animation with weight map on, and then removing it before FBX export.
It's just a bit of a pain but if I'm the only person reporting this issue then I guess it must be my setup somehow..
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi CGEN media,

Thanks for your feedback!
This issue is weird, did you export hair to any path and still get failed msg?
Such as Desktop or Document folder..etc