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Issue 8813
Failed Exporting Multiple Animations to FBX
We have an issue when attempting to export animations to FBX from Character Creator 4 using the Custom radio button in the FBX dialog. We can select the range of animations we want to export using the file dialog, however the export fails at 30% every time. We have tried the export using one animation, 2 and more with the same result using the Custom dialog and the Motion option. The animations in question are Extended license animations so should not fail an export and all exist in the local library.

To reproduce this issue, load any dummy motion actor or pre-existing character and then select the Export option through the File menu or the FBX button on the main ribbon. From there select Motion and go to the Custom dialog and explore to the animations in your library. From there select as many as desired and then hit export.

This should result in the same failure we are experiencing.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted bywright3258
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Hi wright3258,

Thanks for your feedback!
The underscore should be supported to use as prefix, cause we can't reproduce the issue.
Could you record a screen video to show us how you use underscore and fail to export the FBX?
You can upload the video to YouTube and attach the link in your next comment.
Thanks for your help!

Please close this bug report. Apparently the prefix you designate cannot contain an underscore. Once I removed the underscore the animations exported successfully. Let's consider this a horrid abuse by the user :)