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FBX import/export wrong fps
Hi, here this my trouble with import /export fbx from/to 3dsmax.

To explain the context of what I'm traying to do :

1. I animate an object in 3dsmax 2021, export in fbx.
2. Import the animated object in Iclone, then add an Avatar (which have to interact with the object) and animate it
3. Export the animated Avatar in FBX, import in 3dsmax
4. Render the aniamtion in 3dsmax

The problem seems to be in Iclone when - import FBX from 3dsmax and export FBX to 3dmsax, see explanation :

Way 1 - From 3dmax :

1. Import in Iclone simple animated geometry in fbx from 3dsmax ( 25 fps )
2. Imported animation time is wrong , about ~2.5time longer ( I know that Iclone work in 60 fps )
Is it a bug or a workflow

Way 2 - To 3dsmax :

1. In Iclone I animate an Avatar
2. I export the aniamted Avatar to 3dsMax in FBX ( check 25fps / 3dsmax, in the export menu ) / see screenshot 1
3. I import the fbx file in 3dsmax and in the import menu it says that the file is at 30fps ( tried to import in max 2021 and 2017 -> same problem) / see screenshot 2

Hope you can help me with this problem.

Already thank you,

OS: Windows 10
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