iClone 7
Issue 8307
FBX export failure
When exporting FBX ( to any toolset), any character (even just a base avatar), with a hair asset that has a physics weight map fails.
If I delete the weight map then FBX export is successful.
I have found the same failure occurs in CC3.
As a work around for now I can bake any Hair physics, and then remove the physics weight before export. However it slows my workflow.
I need to export FBX for import into Blender.
I am running CC3 pipeline and iclone 7 with 3DXchange pipeline, so license is not the problem.
I have re-activated all assets and purchased assets from the help menu, cleared out my temp files as suggested by your support team.
Please can you investigate
Many thanks
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byCGEN media
CGEN media
Hi, I have no project, its a simple base cc3 avatar when you start character creator, add a hair asset such as the chic bun that comes with cc3, or any hair asset that has a physics weight map. It then fails on FBX export unless you remove the weight map.
It is not project specific as it happens every time. I have since installed cc3 on a fresh windows 10 install to see if there is a bug in my system, but it has not changed anything.
Also the same error occurs when exporting from iclone 7 with 3DXchange, though I have found a work around by baking any motion, and then removing the physics weight map before FBX export. It's not ideal but it works.
And in cc3 I can remove the weight map before FBX export to get around the issue.
I am hoping that cc4 does not have the same issues.
for your time.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi CGEN media,

I can export FBX with a hair asset that has a physics weight.Can you provide your project to us?

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