iClone 7
Released in 7.3
Issue 3694
FBX Imported objects cannot be spinned on a timeline
To reproduce:

1. Import anything as FBX to 3DX > iClone
2. Set Pivot to middle/middle (optionally you can do "Reset Transform" / "Reset Scale" but that does not fix the problem)
3. Advance to some frame on a timeline and set angle (for any axis) to some high value. Say to 1000
4. Stop and run animation.
5. Notice the angle value at the key reset from 1000 to some random values (in my tests mostly to 80, or 280).


While we are at the spinning subject, there is another possible bug. Any clip produced with "collect clip" function for the rotating prop, consists about 10-20 "frozen" frames at the beginning of the clip. Even though the prop rotation was started from frame 1.

Thank you.
OS: Windows 7
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Submitted by4u2ges
I have the exact same issue. 
ANY prop i import from an fbx file does not rotate continuasly. 

Thats a bug.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, 4u2ges,

We can not reproduce this issue, even with toystorylab's wheelchair project. Please provide the two wheel project as shown in your video for further checking.

You can use cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive to make the files available to us and email the link with "FT3694" in the email title to

Your help is highly appreciated.

Forum-Member Kelleytoons found a workaround for my problem but NO solution in general;
If  i make a subprop out of both wheel-subprops, i can rotate x-1000 to x1000.
But WHY does it NOT work with the single wheel-subprops??

Here is my wheelchair project:
Same here, even with OBJ...
I was happy about the "better" spinning till i found out it does not work with imported models (OBJ and FBX)
I exported a wheel chair from DAZ to 3DXchange to iClone in OBJ.
The wheels do not behave as they should, frame 1 x-rotation -1000 frame 100 x-rotation +1000
iClone resets x-rotation to 80 in frame 1 and x-rotation to 280 in frame 100...
I expect this to be sorted out in the next patch!