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Issue 6566
Exporting BVH Animations back into DAZ
I tried this pipeline ( with all Genesis generation and was unable to get it working.

The animation runs correctly in 3D Xchange, but after export it in BVH format and import it to DAZ Studio the initial pose is wrong. When playing the animation it progressively degrades and get totally wrong from the mid until to the end. I am not sure, but could be a problem in DAZ Studio or in the generated BVH file. I am attaching some dialog windows screenshots from the actual options as they are a little bit different than those showed i the videos and web page availables.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byMBusch
So, it's not a bug at all, just lack of information.

The trick to get the BVH exported from 3D Xchange working in DAZ Studio is easy but undocumented as usual with DAZ. These are the steps and will work with Genesis 1, 2, 3, and 8:

- Load Genesis

- Right-click on Genesis in the Scene tab, click "Select children"

- In Parameters pane click Edit > Figure > Lock > Unlock Selected Node(s)

- In Parameters pane click  Edit > Figure > Limits > Limits Off (Rotation)

- Then deselect everything, only select the Hip of Genesis, and import "Whatever_BVH.bvh"

- Uncheck "Limit Translations to Hip" in the dialog window

- Click "Accept"

That's it!