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Exported Model with Combined Materials leaves black pixels around UV islands in final texture.
My project used Headshot and base content modified through the appearance editor and morphing. Once I was happy with the overall appearance I converted the model to the Game Base Model and manually reduced hair and clothing. When I use the pipeline extension to export to Blender the textures on the model have a black pixel outline of each island on the UV in the final model. I can see that the UV island go clear to the edge of the textures packed into the exported diffuse file where there are indeed anti-aliased pixels fading into the background. In other models, the textures compensate for this by having more of a border so the individual faces are completely filled with visual information.

1. Open project
2. Export using Pipeline Extension
3. Problem persists using "Embed Textures" option, max 1024, convert to TGA format AND using the Merge Material export All max 1024.
4. Import to blank project in Blender 2.82, turn on shading.

Windows 10 Home edition 64-bit

Q: How do I attach the project when it is over the filesize limit, even compressed into .zip?
OS: Windows 10
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Hi GG2020,

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Please provide your project for us.
If the file size over the limit, please upload it to cloud service such as Google Drive, and attach the download link in your next comment.
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