Character Creator 3
Issue 8032
Export to FBX(clothed character) freezes at 72% - Please help!
The export always freezes at 72% and the app quits after clicking on it. (it worked well few days ago but I updated CC3 in the meantime)

Freezes regardless of the project. Even with a new blank project (underwear female with no alterations)
+ Tried on two different PCs .. same result
+ No special CPU / GPU load in task manager visible.
+ I'm not sure if a Windows update was installed in the meantime.
+ I completely de- and reinstalled everything (including Reallusion Hub) to no avail :(

Export settings:
-Unity 3D
-Mesh and Motion or Mesh only
-Max. Texture Size: 2048 or 4096
-Settings: Mouth Open as Morph or not
-Delete Hidden Faces .. on or off
-Bake Diffuse and Specular .. on or off

Tried CC3 projects saved prior to the CC3 update .. also don't export anymore.

Please help! I am desperate!
Thank you very much
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byPhotonic
Hi Tina,
thank you for your reply.

You are right, the software freezes at 72%, and I closed all other programs and did not touch the mouse/keyboard .. and waited.
After ages, the process completes and CC3 recovers.

But this behavior came only with a recent update. Please let your tech team know about the issue.
Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi Photonic

Sorry we can't reproduce the situation.
In our end, CC also freeze at 72%, but just a little while, the progress still finish.

Could you provide the operating video? You can upload it in Youtube and post the link in private comment.
And we also need your system info, you could follow the explanation in this link:

Thank you.