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Issue 6713
Export fails if mesh name is to long
Hey everbody,

i figured out an issue. If you import your own new cloth mesh and the mesh name is to long, the export on all characters will always fail (execpt if you export the mesh immediately inside your import scene).

So as soon you put your cloth in to your custom content in content browser, it will not work anymore.
there is also no message about it. it just says "export failed". but no reason why.

But i tested it out with different meshes and also material names. but material names where good, only mesh name was the issue.

it would be great, if you get an WARNING on importing the mesh: "mesh name to long" or increase name length limit.

thank you
greets Phil
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byspaehling
you can reproduce this by "Polygon Reduction - Object" as well. Just reduce the polygons of same object over and over again, and after some time CC3 will just crash, even if it does not crash, it will not be able to export unless you rename manually.
Hey Calvin,

sorry for my delayed answer too. Of course i was not able to reproduce it too. I also do not know anymore which exact cloth it was, cause we are bulding a large cloth set.
To answer your question i always use always .fbx.

i also tooked an cloth and named it ridiculous long and also gave the material an ridiculous long name and it worked without problems. 
Overall i gave my mesh names shorter names now anyway. but I keep and eye on it and let you know. So ignore it for now :-/
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Hi spaehling,

Thanks for your feedback and sorry for the late reply.
Cause we can't reproduce this issue in our end, could you send your cloth with long mesh name to us?
You can upload the file to cloud service such as Google Drive, and attach the download link in your next comment.
You can set the comment as private if you want.

Also you've mentioned export character fail, which way did you export? As iAvatar or FBX?
Thanks for your help and patience!