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Issue 7617
Export OBJ sometimes exports Materials/Textures incorrectly
Sometimes when content is exported via 3DXChange using the Export OBJ option, the resulting file has incorrect Materials/Textures assigned and/or the UV Mapping is incorrect.

I have not been able to identify the deciding factor if the material/textures will export correctly or not.

The problem can be seen in the following video and affects a good portion of the content that I have tested:
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byLord Ashes
Lord Ashes
Looking at the asset, most of the texture were using a 0.5 x 0.5 Tiling so this may be the cause of the mismatched texture.

However, I completely disagree with the fact that UV offsets and UV Tiling is not supported by OBJ files. I have worked with OBJ files quite a bit and thus know that UV offsets and UV tiling is absolutely supported by the OBJ file format. I have even written a utility that does this. The exporter just need to adjust the object's original UV mapping to take the UV tiling and UV offset into account.

UV tiling just takes the object's UV mapping and scales it by the UV tiling factor (with wrap around).
UV offset just takes the object's UV mapping and offsets it by the UV offset factor (with wrap around).
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The incorrect Materials/Textures result is caused by OBJ file format limitation, the UV settings (eg. uv tiling, uv offset) can not record in OBJ,
and you can see the comparison table from this link:

You can first see the UV settings to determine which contents will have the incorrect Materials/Textures problems after exporting obj.

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Lord Ashes
Please provide an update on this issue. Export OBJ is a core part of the 3DXChange software which customers have paid for. If you cannot get it working correctly then please upgrade us to the Pipeline Version temporarily so that we can use the Export FBX option instead (assuming it is working correctly).

It has been over half a year since this issue was opened with no apparent resolution or mitigation.