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Issue 7616
Export OBJ causes part of the content (mesh) to be removed in the exported file
Some content that is exported through 3DXChange using the Export OBJ option results in some of the mesh missing in the exported file.

This occurs with only some content but a large selection of my own content cannot be exported via EXPORT OBJ due to this issue.

I have not been able to identify what factor determines if the file will export properly or not.

A video of the issue can be seen at:
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byLord Ashes
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Lord Ashes
This issue has NOT been resolved in 3DXChange 7.81. The video link below show me using 3DXChange Pro version 7.81, exporting the Headphones asset (which was the one that was provided as a sample of this issue) and then bringing it into Blender to see if the entire mesh was exported (i.e. if the issue was resolved). As can be seen the problem still exists: the issue has NOT been resolved.
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Hi Lord Ashes,
Headphones problem should have been fixed in version 3DX 7.81 Official Release version, you can test to see if your problem is solved.

Lord Ashes
Please provide an update on this issue. Export OBJ is a core part of the 3DXChange software which customers have paid for. If you cannot get it working correctly then please upgrade us to the Pipeline Version temporarily so that we can use the Export FBX option instead (assuming it is working correctly).

It has been over half a year since this issue was opened with no apparent resolution or mitigation.
Lord Ashes
It seems that not much has been done to resolve this issue. At least there does not seem to be any update posted here (or in the Forum where this issue was first identified).

I have paid for 3DXChange Pro and currently an important part of the application (Export To OBJ) is not usable for a lot of my content. A rough spot check showed that about half of my content will not export correctly due to this issue or one of the other related export issues (7617, 7618). 

Because of the 3DXChange Export To OBJ functionality, I have backed up my Reallusion Marketplace Store content only in its iClone or Character Creator native formats knowing that I can always get the original OBJ file by using the 3DXChange Export To OBJ functionality. However, this is not the case since the functionality does not work correctly.

Can you please confirm if this is an issue with Export To OBJ only? Does the Export To FBX functionality (available to Pipeline user) work correctly? If so, I would kindly request if RL can temporarily upgrade my 3DXChange Pro to Pipeline, so that I can do exports when needed, until the Export To OBJ issue is resolved.
Lord Ashes
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Hi Lord Ashes,

I have got it.Thanks.

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