Character Creator 3
Issue 5840
Exclude tongue, eyes, teeth from obj export and fix origin difference.
When you need to replace a morph in the Face setup in 3Dxchange. Ex fix the blink.
It would be good if you can export the morph from CC3 directly and load it into 3Dxchange.

Currently when you try do this, 3Dxchange tell you that the vertex count is wrong.
This is due to that the tongue is exported with "Nude character in T-pose>Body", the avatar is also in a slightly different pose.
When you try "Character with current pose" the tongue, eyes, teeth are exported (so wrong vertex number here too) and the avatar is also in a slightly different (seems the origin point is some units off). But it is closer compare to "Nude character in T-pose>Body".

Currently you need to:
3Dxchange: export the "Open" morph as .obj.
CC3: Export as .obj with the corrected eye morph.
Open it in a 3d editor, ex Blender.
Blender: Import the CC3 .obj. Import 3Dxchange .obj. Remove CC3 tongue, eyes, teeth. Shape the 3Dxchange .obj to CC3 .obj. Compensate wrong pose. Export as .obj that 3Dxchange can import.
3Dxchange: import .obj from Belnder as new blink morph.
OS: Windows 10
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