Character Creator 4
Issue 10833
Essential: Please Split body Parts when using Zbrush Face Tools and apply the displacement maps to them as well
* Finally you have the ability to generate displacement maps from normal maps, yes, I've also tested SkinGen and the maps work correctly!!!

However.. we need the displacement maps converted from the normals of the other body parts to be able to sculpt and blend a whole character!! -right now we are only limited to the head and provides no way to make seamless sculpt.

When the character is sent to Zbrush Face Tools please update to do this:
1. split body parts
2.update the other bodyparts with the displacement map created from their normals
3. add the subdivisions
4.option to apply/bake the displacement map into each of the body parts for full workflow
5. enable the merge options "Weld & UV" so users don't forget.

We will then
1.merge the visible subdivided tools with displacement baked in with Weld and UV our full body sculpts
3.duplicate the merged character
4. From the duplicate, Solo each body part to split hidden
5. generate the normal and displacement maps from each body part and reimport manually.

This is all we need, no additional export plugin, just the option to split bodyparts, add the displacement maps and a optionally a couple other things I mentioned.

Later you're welcome to create Body shot and expand Zbrush Face Tools to include Body Expression (muscle flexing) or other effects that could optionally work with morphs.
OS: Windows 11
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