iClone 7
Issue 5785
Essential: Add Vulkan API for Multi GPU card & chip Compatibility and multi core* CPU and GPU compatibility
I'd like iClone to utilize all of my graphics cards and gpu/cpu cores. I see that IRAY has that ability partially and I'm somewhat relieved but it doesn't see video ram as one resource from multiple dedicated graphics cards installed and it's the same for iClone. Apparently Vulkan doesn't need SLI to access all the resources as one. GTX cards SLI mode never delivered the full combined resources of multi GPU although now RTX based SLI does but iClone still wouldn't be able to access multi core CPU & GPU

iClone 7 is still using DirectX11 which now is a performance limiting factor. I need to build photo real projects with 8k and higher textures and it needs all the speed and memory it can get!

This to me is essential and will help everyone create faster, have less crashes, hopefully providing less latency with mocap as well but also the realtime physics may become more accurate.

I believe my iClone projects crash often due to the size & complexity of models, large textures and everything else and iClone struggles to get the resources it needs. I have my Virtual memory set to 30 GB, I'm currently running an i7 4GHz with 32 GB host ram, a RTX 2080 Ti 11 GB and a GTX 970 4 GB with solid state hard drives. Crashes happen mostly when using subdivision and tessellation -things really start to slow down.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
added to iClone 8 ? along with animated cached meshes and GPU Occlusion & Stream Culling and .iMergeProj? Screen space Reflections? iClone would be unstoppable for massive projects!