Character Creator 4
Issue 11007
Errors on Launch of Saved Projects Immediately after New Updates Installed
The issue is when the program launches a brand new project it launches correctly no errors Until you save and open it. When you click on a saved project even if you just created it gives you these errors as I captured for you. One thing I have noticed as I'm watching it load a previously saved project what comes across the bottom in the text of the splash screen is telling you it clearly says loading the Default Project. So when the program does finally open the first thing it asks you is if you want to replace all -see capture. It probably should not opening a default project considering this is a file that was already created and saved previously. So when it comes up it immediately asks you if you want to replace all See My Captures. When you agree it then loads the previous project. Now go over to SkinGen Check the box to launch SkinGen. It almost immediately comes up with another error screen looking for all the files to create the features and when you look at the path because it gives you the path the path is correct and if you browse to just the first folder before the final group of folders it then opens and tells you it's reassociated again see my capture. Once you click OK to the reassociation the project launches correctly now without doing anything if you go back to save project even under a different name and then relaunch the saved project it does the exact same issue. I have currently open a support case that you can look into if necessary and I have reinstalled CC4 3X from scratch with the latest version from the hub that includes SkinGen and I downloaded the rebuild the content folder batch files and none of this has fixed the issue. These fixes were recommended by Rampa in support. Support TicketID : 246031 My CC4 Was working almost perfectly prior to this update. I wish I could reinstall and have access to the previous version just to verify. I was using CC4 on a project for the last few months again without any issues except and I have figured a workaround for it there is a buzzing sound in the background when I move my cursor around the program when I click away from the program the buzzing goes away. I can alleviate the buzzing and make it to the point where I can't hear it anymore if I go into the Modify and scroll all the way down to the bottom To the smooth mesh feature and change the level of real time preview to a different number and then the noise goes away but that's another issue. My main problem is is it's pretty difficult to work on a file if SkinGen is always looking for the correct file even though it exists but it doesn't seem to find it unless you point it out.
OS: Windows 11
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Submitted byLairdPaul