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Issue 5382
Enable Quality control in Iray
While Quality control may not be much useful for stills rendering, it might be quite valuable for rendering animations. Preset samples count for the entire export batch maybe too much for rendering specific frames in the animation sequence. Quality control might help to arbitrary lower samples rate for specific frames by using calculated pixel convergence.

As of now, Batch Renderer has quality control disabled (even if this option is explicitly applied to the "Scene Options" in the .mi file).
I had an opportunity to test it a bit in DAZ however, with the default Quality control settings.

In DAZ I did render 30 frames of Bluray project with quality set to the default value of 1. It finished rendering in: 9:20
Then I turned the Quality OFF and rendered the same 30 frames: 12.40

While I was rendering with Q=1, it stopped the frame render at approx 75-80% of the default 500 samples and then moved to the next frame.

Here is a 6 seconds animation (I set 10 FPS). First 3 seconds is with Quality control ON and the next 3 seconds is without it. I think it handled sampling fairly well.

I would also love to see the Quality control available in the Batch Renderer UI so that user can adjust settings on the fly after exporting animations.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted by4u2ges
My speech on WHY this matters...

In the example "4u2ges" shared in the original text here, there was a up to a 25% reduction in render times.

Currently we need to set our "Max Iterations" value to account for the "worst-case scenario."  Most of the other frames may be needlessly over-rendered.  Even worse, we may not know what frames need the most rendering time, so either we over-render everything, or we risk under-rendering and having a poor visual quality on some portions of the rendered output.

I am currently doing a 1-minute animation which I estimate will take 40-HOURS(!!!) to render.  It sure would be nice to be able to SAFELY cut that down to 30 hours.  Ten hours is a lot of time.

It would be really horrible to render for 40 hours only to discover I should have used a longer render time for 12 seconds of the video.  In that case, those 360 frames would need to rendered all over again.  Example:  60-second render per frame... should have been 70... now the total time will be the original plus the re-render time of 60+70=130 seconds per frame.

Being able to do a FEW test-renders to adjust the Quality settings to your standards, and then allowing Iray render as much - or as little - as needed on a frame-by-frame basis would be awesome!
I would still insist on implementing this in a patch after official release.