Character Creator 4
Issue 9347
Edit/Rename of items in CC3 vs CC4 and IC7 vs IC8
I have a question, I don't know if this is a bug or a change that seems to me to be completely unnecessary and more useful for fast work in REallusion programs.

In CC3/IC7 when I need to rename for example the name of an avatar or any other item, - it is enough to double-click the cursor on the text and it is possible to change it.

In CC4/IC8 this option has disappeared or cannot be used, and if there is a bug, I will point it out.
You can no longer just click on the text to edit the title. It is necessary to make a complex right-click, select "rename" from the menu, and then only editing can be done. This is very cumbersome for a large number of people and I often prefer to find a folder in windows explorer where I can make edits.

I don't know if you are still updating CC3:
I also noticed a bug in CC3 with the last update:
When I need to change a lowercase letter for a capital one, the name itself remains the same.
For example, I have the name "chimpanzee family" and I need to change it to "Chimpanzee Family", so CC3 doesn't allow me to do that, it ignores the change and the name remains the lowercase "chimpanzee family". It is necessary to open windows explorer again, where this change can be made without any problem.

These are small things, but I need to do them daily, and thank you very much if you can fix these problems.

Thank you very much and have a nice day
Martin Reznicek
OS: Windows 11
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