iClone 7
Issue 8066
Default path for custom content used (instead of the one provided at installation time)
I was a bit surprised today that there is not much custom content showing up under the "Content" tab - only the last project I worked on is shown. Especially all props I made seem to be lost. It turns out that iClone looks in the default location "c:\users\public\Documents\Reallusion". This is unexpected, it should be "F:\Reallusion" in my installation. It has been like this for years. And all expected content still exists in that location.

The SmartGallery plugin shows the expected path, too -- but apparently iClone ignores that. FWIW, opening the combobox panel for the CustomPath entry shows both paths.

I have not used iClone much the past weeks, so cannot say when this behavior started. But all files and folders under "C:\users\public\documents\reallusion\custom\iclone 7 custom" were created on May 13th 2021 (or later). I usually install updates when the hub shows them, so this issue started very likely after the installation of iClone 7.91.5223.1.

One more thing: by mistake, i had chosen the default paths when installating CharacterCreator once, so that application does use "C:\users\public\documents\reallusion\custom" for custom content.
OS: Windows 10
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