iClone 7
Issue 6915
Deepfake integration -multiple use -drive all mocap/matchmoving, remove background -analyze characters (from Photobooth plugin) For iClone and CTA
Mocap equipment is good but expensive to buy, time to put on and refine after recording. Examples of use:

1. translate to mocap/instant match moving & scene alignment -AI identifies the body parts, virtual tracker nodes are created in 3D space matching the video in the background as animated then applied to the selected character.

2. take all the stretchy cartoony character video output from CTA as data only and apply them to Realistic or cartoony iClone Characters.
-iClone Cartoon characters or Realistic ones could have rubbery arms etc

3.It could save the trouble of using other VFX tools, a ton of compositing work -lighting, shadows if the shadows come out correctly perhaps with a shadow pass option.

4. It's also an AI rotoscope/background remover tool that would expand your popVideo3 tool's accuracy.

The AI Headshot was the start, BodyShot is hopefully next (aim for animal compatibility/training) and driving mocap from video data

Personally I feel this is another big tool in the pipeline.. great for Hobbyists in the beginning then it evolves into a robust tool for the professional. The Film industry has already started using the tech but now because of popular demand apps for phones are being created.
OS: Windows 10
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Submitted byAscensi
Generate Photorealism of city, characters and background for final video output