iClone 7
Released in 7.3
Issue 3658
DOF Focus Range problems, even after fix for 7.1
Every time I save a project which has DOF settings on a camera, (keyframed to change or not), the focal range (as well as near & far transition regions) all reset to zero next time I open the file. Very strange. Because this was previously reported as issue Issue 3496, assigned and marked as released for 7.1

But it's still not saving our DOF settings properly.

The only keyframe that seems to save DOF settings (sometimes) is the first one at position 1 on the timeline.
But any changes after that are never saved.


1) Open any file with assets.
2) Add a camera and make various DOF changes along the timeline.
3) Move the keyframe for DOF at position 1 to somewhere else on the timeline.
4) Save, close and re-open.
5) See how many DOF settings have re-set to 0.

Also please note: "Pick a target" can no longer select props or avatars if the file also has an image layer(s).
Instead; in iC7 and 7.1, "Pick a Target" will always select the image layer unless all image layers are hidden or switched off.

And "Pick a Target" is unable to select a target from the Scene list as well. But if it could, then this would help to solve a few issues of targetting in a crowded scene.
OS: Windows 8.1
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Submitted byTarampa Studios
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Feedback Tracker Admin
Hi, Bleetz,

We can not reproduce the DOF-Save and Pick Target with image layer issues also, so they must have been fixed in iClone 7.2.
We have filed the issue of Pick Target in Scene list in tracking.

Tarampa Studios
UPDATE: Apologies for my delay in reply. I was away on holidays. 

But I'm now thrilled to report that your recent update to 7.2.1220 has resolved the DOF-save issue for all parameters! 
YAY!  So whatever was causing the issue is now resolved. 

Thanks Team! 
Feedback Tracker Admin
Thank you for your feedback.

Please capture a screen video about this issue, put it on the YouTube, and add the link in your next comment.

Your help is highly appreciated.

Tarampa Studios
I'm windows 8.1 with GTX1050 so perhaps that makes a difference. 
Either way, it's still a problem for me. 
BTW, I'm on Windows 10, GTX 1080 with 385.41 driver.
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