3DXchange 7
Released in 7.4
Issue 5404
DAZ G2 Male and Female Shoulder Conversion Issue
- Issue Severed Pipeline to Game Engine (Broken..Cannot Use Software)
- Detailed PNG screen shots attached.
- Latest Updates from 2018NOV17
- 3DXChange 7.3.21
- When importing/converting DAZ G2 Male and Female (Only Female shown in screen shots) the SHOULDER area is 'Shrugged Up' and slightly 'Pinched Inward'. This is carried all the way through iClone7.3.22 and further into Unity.
- This affects animations and re-targetting animations to the Humanoid mapping in Unity.
- It DOES affect animations converted through 3DXChange7 to iClone7 to be fixed and cleaned up then exported back out.

1 - Export DAZ G2 via FBX 2011 Binary (2012, 2013, 2014 all do the same)
2 - Import into 3DXChange7 and click through the Auto Conversion Process
3 - Look at Results

When Converting (Non Standard Character) animations...basically re-targetting to iClone7 every animation needs to be fixed in iClone7 for the shoulder/arms. I understand there are some limitations when re-targetting/converting animations but when the conversion is a success (T-Pose Green) then I am expecting that the animation will be fine in iClone7. Funny thing is...the animations 'Look Fine' but are re-targetted to a poorly mapped character via 3DXChange7...which is a severe issue.
OS: Windows 10
  • iClone7_3DXChange_ShoulderIssue_A.png
  • iClone7_3DXChange_ShoulderIssue_B.png
  • iClone7_3DXChange_ShoulderIssue_C1.png
  • iClone7_3DXChange_ShoulderIssue_C2.png
  • iClone7_3DXChange_ShoulderIssue_D.png
  • iClone7_3DXChange_ShoulderIssue_E.png
  • iClone7_3DXChange_ShoulderIssue_F.png
  • iClone7_3DXChange_ShoulderIssue_G.png
  • iClone7_3DXChange_ShoulderIssue_H.png
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Submitted byOlanderDA
DAZ Genesis 3 & Genesis 8 also have similar issues to varying degrees. I have also tested a CC3 Female from CC3 to iClone7 then back out through 3DXChange7 with no issues. Looks to be in the bone mapping script routines Reallusion is using to convert to iAvatar format.

I have added additional pics to show testing.
  • iClone7 Export Test CC3F A.png
  • iClone7 Export Test G3F A.png
  • iClone7 Export Test G3F B.png
  • iClone7 Export Test G3F C.png
  • iClone7 Export Test G3F D.png
  • iClone7 Export Test G8F A.png
  • iClone7 Export Test G8F B.png