Character Creator 3
Issue 6701
Create subsystems that allow us to design head hair, props, scenes, clothing all within CC and Iclone

Head Hair system could include default templates such as female long/short hair.

Hair subsystem
-- Create segments for parts of the head hair such as bangs, sides, front of head then use morph sliders or mouse drag to adjust. See for a breakdown of head hair segments.

Example morphs could be -- thin hair, curly hair, lengthen, color, rough and so on.

-- Add ability to use tools such as the laso tool, box tool or freehand to make custom segments which would automatically create a new custom morph/segment for that item that you could name. Example: Say I want a Mohawk, I take the default male hair, grab the box tool and cut a section down the center or anywhere. I can use the default morph sliders, such as "stand straight up" in my new custom morph called Mohawk. I could additionally use my Mohawk item on any head hair. I drag my Mohawk item to a segment onto a different head hair and place it in any segment available.

-- Additionally content creators can create hair and there own custom morphs that integrate into CC3.

Same with all of the above listed systems like props. Have a list of templates with default segments, morphs Each prop would have their own default segments and morphs . Example a chair, sword each having their own segments depending on the prop. Include default morphs and allow users to create additional custom segments.

Scene example:
-- A tree and shrub creator -- see software add-on for blender.

Can you imagine being able to create AAA style hair, props etc. all within CC and Iclone from scratch or base template. I know that CC3 has some ability to do some of the things but not to the level where you can create High Quality props, hair etc. The same type of high quality and detail that you can currently buy from the content store.

The whole point would be that you could do everything in CC3 or Iclone without having to use another 3D program such and blender or z-brush.

Content creators will still be valuable as it still takes time to create head hair and come up with a style you want. Instead you will buy the hair and modify it with either default or custom sliders that came with the head hair or prop.
-- An example could be a sword with segments such as blade and cross guard. A content creator could then create a custom sword that includes not only the default morphs but custom morphs necessary to make adjustment to their sword Decals, designs, and text to be added as well..

I know this is a huge project but not having to use any other 3D program and still being able to create beautiful AAA props, head hair etc. would take your product to a whole new level and blow the competition away.

Thanks for reading!

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